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Explore The Many Standard and Optional Features

Of The Table of Ultimate Gaming Elite Series

and Warhammer Series Tables

Move The Slider Left and Right

Click Play To See Turn Around

Full Top Covers

Add Deco Packs

Shallow or Deep Play Standard

USB and AC Power Standard

Solid Nordic Birch Wood

Tournament Quality - GenCon50

Built To Last - 800lb Support

Card Organizers

Cup Holder w Storage Tray

High Quality Hardware

Easy Shipping & Assembly

Combine Tables Together

Add The Big Pads

Add New Deco Packs Anytime

Awesome Coffee Table Play

A Table Size For Every Space

Order Tall Legs For Standing Play

Seated Play w/ Standard Legs

Full Table Covers Become Desks

Center Support For Full Tops

Our Tables Can Be Connected

Here a 4.6 Connected To A 2.4

8 Feet by 4 Feet Of Gaming!

Create Any Table Length or Width

New Meeples Deco

Add A Purple Mat

Ultimate Campaign Organizer

DM Screen Has Cool Reveal Panel


Celtic Knots



Stands Up To Professional Use

Thousands played on the tables at GenCon50 in Indianapolis, Indiana in August 2017.
Leaning, resting and playing on the Tables of Ultimate Gaming! Cup holders in use!
We had two Elite Series tables at GenCon and they were fantastic, rock solid and looked brand new after 4 days of hundreds of game demos and thousands of people playing, leaning, sitting and working on this. When we say they are rock solid, they are ROCK SOLID!
These table are sturdy!

Action At GenCon50

Thousands Have Played

Big Table, Big Games

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