Game Changer Series Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

Game Changer Series Fully Funded on Kickstarter!

"This is a very exciting kickstarter. I've been wanting a real game table forever but prices are just so high. Until now..." C. Buhl

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Behold, legions of tabletop gamers! The GameChanger Game Tables and Table Toppers have arrived! Get in now for early 2019 delivery and one time pricing offers.

 Amazing features, accessories and expandability make this the gaming table and topper system we all have been waiting for. The GameChanger allows you to play your games, your way. We create unmatched gaming table systems and accessories, then deliver them right to your door.

Why Kickstarter? 

So we can study and get feedback on this new super affordable line. Also to introduce our Table Toppers (more on that below) in addition to the super affordable game tables show next. And of course so early backers can get prices far below what will be offered later. 

Two Offerings For This Kickstarter

1 - GameChanger Game Tables :

Help us bring to life our our GameChanger Tables offered here in 3 sizes. 4'x6'. 3.5x5', and 4'x4' standard height game tables plus 2'x4' coffee tables. These game tables can covert into a standard dining  table with top covers too! Many options available like cupholders and more. The depth of the table play surface is 2.1 inches deep from top of arm rail to the play floor. For clarity, because some have asked, these tables do not expand. Our Elite line for sale at ARE expandable. And the table toppers below ARE expandable.

You can add accessories in the pledge manager at big discounts after the campaign ends. In this way you have full control over your exact perfect table set up. We also have some bundles available in some popular combinations. 

2 - Game Changer Toppers :

Innovation! You asked and we delivered! Our toppers are game surfaces designed to sit on top of your existing table. Think of them like game tables without legs. No need to remove your daily table. These Toppers come in two starter sizes meaning you can pledge for a 3.5'x5' topper that goes on top of your existing table when it is time to game AND you can add 2' wide inserts in the middle of each to make them longer if you wish. So each insert makes the play space 2 feet longer. AND they utilize all the same amazing accessories like cupholders and dice trays like our tables above! Plus they store away when the game is done or can be transported too!

The GameChanger Table Toppers are different from the GameChanger Tables. These amazing pieces are for folks who have an existing traditional table they want to keep in place while still boasting epic Table of Ultimate Gaming swagger on game night! Better yet, the table toppers store away in available storage bags, and the play surface is expandable with extension inserts, AND you can take the toppers to your friends' house or your local cafe. They are light-weight and easy to transport!  

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 Cheat sheet for this Kickstarter: We offer both Game Tables and Table toppers. They both can use full table top covers to cover the play space. They use the same accessories. The Toppers can extend and be put away. You can add accessories in the pledge manager at big discounts after the campaign ends. In this way you have full control over your exact perfect table set up. We also have some bundles available in some popular combinations.

Game Table is a table we offer with four legs. All tables ship with standard dining seated height legs. The 2x4 however ships with coffee table legs. Any table can be one of three heights, coffee, standard and tall/bar height. You can change the height of yoru table buy purchasing affordable leg kits in the pledge manager we send you after the campaign ends. Full top covers are available to turn these game tables into normal dining tables. These tables are 2x4, 3.5x5, 4x4 and 4x6 feet play areas. They do not expand beyond that. Our Elite series at DOES expand if that is what you need.  

Next we offer the Table Topper which is like a game table without legs, just the top (hence Topper) and it sits on your current table. This way you can have a contained play experience with all the accessoires but keep your existing table. It expands or extends 2' at a time with optional inserts to the play space. Also there will be storage bags to store the tops away. Ful dining inserts will be available after the campaign at a discount so you can turn these toppers into full covered dining tops too! There are also full dining top covers available for the table toppers. This way you can leave the topper on the table and place the dining inserts on in order to totally cover up the surface to eat or keep the cats off!

Pledge Levels

 You can add accessories in the pledge manager at big discounts after the campaign ends. In this way you have full control over your exact perfect table set up. We also have some bundles available in some popular combinations.

Table Bundles - Includes full dining top covers, mat and  4 cupholders

 Topper Bundles - Topper, insert extensions where applicable, play  mat and 4 cup holders


Get Cash Back on the Projects You Love!
Get Cash Back on the Projects You Love!



Now choose between Black (walnut and black tables) and White (natural birch tables) laminate tops or wood tops and optional inserts stained to match in Walnut, Black or Natural Birch.

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Our #Goals

Our goal for this Kickstarter is to create, with your support, a line of beautifully-designed and durable game tables and table toppers - and to do it at an unmatched price point.. Quality products made from Baltic birch, packaged and protected to survive the trip to your home, are not cheap. But we knew we had to try...and we succeeded. The result is the GameChanger Series you see here! We have risen to the challenge: A game table for every gamer's home. 

We are already leaders in the game table industry. We know what gamers want, and we know how to deliver. Join us!


Get Your Project Funded Today!
Get Your Project Funded Today!


We've never been ones to back down from a challenge, so we went back to the drawing board with a clean sheet of paper.  The tables and toppers had to be strong, use high quality materials, and focus on game play. There had to be a system of accessories that allowed you to create the exact custom experience that you desire. Finally it had to be innovative and fun. And we have a dedicated high tech factory that we own. We DO NOT source our products. We make them ourselves for you directly. 

Factory upgrade update:

Building On Tradition

Our new GameChanger Series complements our industry-leading higher-end Elite Series. The Elite Series set the standard for innovative game tables at an affordable price range. But we understood the joy we could bring if only we could provide a full gaming experience at a value proce. Thus, the GameChanger Series was conceived! 

We recognize that everyone has different tastes. The GameChanger tables and table toppers on this Kickstarter appeal to the gamer looking for a more simple, elegant design but who still want maximum value - and who does not want to sacrifice the playability offered by amazing accessories. 

GameChanger Tables 

These GameChanger tables are available in 2'x4', 3.5x5', 4x4' and 4x6' play area sizes. Three leg heights are available, so you can set your table up at coffee table, standard dining or tall bar height. The 2'x4' ships with coffee table legs, and the other tables ship with standard height legs. 

 If you want to change the height of your table, you can order the different affordable leg kits in the pledge-manager we send you after the campaign ends.

Three wood colors are available.

Walnut color wood, Black and natural birch.  We use hard durable Baltic Birch from Northern Europe. The short growing season creates very hard woods.

The Walnut tables have choice of black laminate or walnut wood stain rails/arm rests.

The Black tables have the choice of black laminate or black wood stain rails/arm rests.

The natural Birch color tables have choice of white laminate or natural birch stain rails/arm rests.

All tables and table toppers can also use full table top insets that covert the play space to a full dining table. You can order them in a bundle or separate. 

In order to keep the initial cost down and to allow you flexibility in your play style, the table does not include a play mat. If you would like a play mat, you can either buy a bundle, add one after the campaign in the Pledgemanger, or use one you have already! The GameChanger series uses the same awesome mats as the Premium Elite Series. 

Pick a mat color of your choice...  or use one you love... the choice is yours! 

Table Toppers

GameChanger Table Toppers fit on a table you already own. They are portable enough to tote to a friend's house and easily store away in a protective case. These tops and these Cases will be available in the PledgeManager immediately after the campaign.

These ground-breaking GameChanger Table Toppers, are available in 2'x4' and 3.5'x5' sizes and 4'x4' sizes. The 2'x4' is used as one piece, and hence it is not expandable. The 3.5'x5' and 4'x6 are built in two sections which allows you to add 2' extension sections.

- 4'x4' topper with one extension = 4'x6' topper 

- 4'x4' topper with two extensions = 4'x8' topper

- 4'x4' topper with three extensions = 4'x10' topper 

- 3.5'x5' topper with one extension = 3.5'x7' topper and so on

For you wargamers out there, the GameChanger 4'x4' topper will fit four 2'x2' battle tiles or an X-Wing game. With one 2 foot extension (or more), the topper will fit a full complement of six or more battle tiles. You can even add one of our exclusive Warhammer mats to a 4'x6' configuration. Yes: there is a full 4'x4', 4'x6', or 4'x8' of space to battle on!  

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The 2'x4' Table Topper

Wow what an amazing easy to use game table. Easily stores away and you can bring it out in seconds for a quick game or extended game nights.

Topper Mats - Choose one of our play mats, use one of your own, or fit the topper with battle tiles--whatever you would like. With GameChanger the choice is yours! You can get a mat from us in a topper bundle pledge or buy one after the campaign in the PledgeManager we will send you. 

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It would not be a Table of Ultimate Gaming without the amazing accessories! Why get locked down to someone else's idea of the perfect table set up? With the GameChanger you have FREEDOM to accessorize! If you do not get the bundles and also want some or more of these there will be special pricing in the Pledgemanager we send you afterwards so dont worry!!  Check these out: 

How the attachements attach! - Very fast and anywhere on the table! 

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Cup Holder with Integrated Tray

Full Tops For Dining, Crafts, Homework and even more Gaming!

Our GameChanger Kickstarter tables and toppers use the same optional full top covers that our Elite series uses. You can quickly put these in place to cover up an existing game, to dine, entertain or whatever you need the table for! Why compromise? With the GameChanger you don't need to! Game Your Way! You can order these after the campaign at a discount in the pledgemanager we send you if you do not get a bundle here.

Pick up an extra play mat for gaming on the top of the table top covers. And yes, the game toppers also can use full table covers. 

The Big Pad and Big Pad Plus 

These are must haves! Get one for everyone in your group. The extra real estate is perfect for keeping you organized. You can order all of these in the pledgemanager after the campaign 


Not everyone needs or wants power at the table, but for others it is essential. For this reason, we offer optional power plugs with USB outlets. Also, more innovative accessories are coming soon. Enjoy inductive wireless charging pads that fit right into the Big Pad, LED light kits, and more gaming must-haves. You order these after the campaign is over in the pledge manager! You can install up to four per table, one per leg. So that is up to 8 outlets and 8 USB chargers! Installs in about 5 minutes with two bolts.

Play Vault Depth

Without covers, the play vault is 2" deep from the rim of the table rail to the floor of the play vault.
With covers, the play vault is 1.375" deep (from the bottom of the cover to the floor of the play vault).

There is Play...and then there is Play

Got kids? Cool! Us too! Not only are the tables and toppers the ultimate in contained play for kids (no Lego mines for your bare feet to find in the carpet), but the top covers can be used to divide the tables and toppers in separate areas and hold projects, snacks and crafts.

Older kids love that the cup holders keep drinks safe and away from the play area. Pick up an extra mat just for the kid zone! Got a play date? Break out the topper, set it up on your table at home, and watch the kids play for hours. The tables and toppers are also amazing crafting tables. Never lose beads, model parts, or needles again! GameChanger tables and toppers deliver massive value for the entire family!

The GameChanger Chairs with GameChanger Tables

We have built amazing chairs for the Elite line and we are doing it again with the GameChanger game chairs. Steel and wood construction makes for very high weight limits and perfect ergonomics. Extra wide seat and back are perfect for extended gaming sessions. Colors complement your table perfectly.

Elite Chairs w/ Deco Packs & GameChanger Table

Hack the TOUG system! Mix Elite Series chairs with GameChanger Tables. Add Elite Chair decoration and coordinating mat! EPIC!!

You can add accessories including all these chairs in the pledge manager at big discounts after the campaign ends. In this way you have full control over your exact perfect table set up. 

How is GameChanger Series Different From Our Current Elite Series of Game Tables?

How do I remove the full dining covers after they are inserted?

Simple hide-away hardware is positioned on one of the four cover sections. 
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Oh, you have a high end table line too?  

indeed we do so we really know what we are doing. See more of that here Some have asked how the new GameChanger Series compares to our first Kickstarter offering, the Elite Series. The Elite Series is not offered here, but it can be purchased on our website at his Kickstarter is for the new GameChanger Series--a less-costly, lighter-weight table with fewer standard features--but an exciting price point.

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International Shipping

International Shipping Kickstarter Update: We held off on International shipping up front for this second Kickstarter, which we have noted at the top of this Kickstarter (US only), because our shipping partners in UK, EU and AU and Canada are now shipping orders from the previous Kickstarter. We want to see how that goes, if are creating the right solution together, are the VAT and other taxes working in the way we expected. We deeply understand and appreciate that there is demand for these products in various countries and we do plan to provide them as we can. 

When we have a chance to offer these items to our amazing customers in these regions we will do so at the Kickstarter prices to those regions. You have my word.

Peace and gaming!   

The TOUG team