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If you need more room to roam on your adventures or to add more players at the table, the Elite Series 4.6 model is your table. Designed for larger play groups as well as other large format games, this is the table you want if you need extra space.

All table bodies and table legs are all wood - finished in either walnut stain color or black stain color. From there you can choose either black laminate top rails (area the supports your arms) resulting in "walnut/black laminate" or black/black laminate or all-wood rails in walnut stain or black stain resulting in "walnut/walnut" or "black/black" selection in the cart. If you want to choose our most popular table, an all walnut color wood table(table legs, body and top rail) choose the "walnut/walnut" choice for your selection.

Further, if you would like to close the top of the play surface you can order the full top covers. These are four sections that cover the top of the table to create a normal table for dining or other needs. You would want to order the black laminate, walnut stain or black stain to match your table selection. This way your top rails, where your arms rest, will match the top cover inserts which cover the open play space.

Note: The table DOES NOT come with a mat. If you would like a mat, you must order it separately please.

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  • Each table features an adjustable height play surface. Choose a shallow depth play surface of 1.5" or a deep play surface of 3.5".
  • Purchase custom-fit play mats to add a soft gaming surface.
  • You can also purchase additional legs to add two other table heights.
  • Add modular decorations that switch out in an instant.
  • Add full table covers which store inside table and become 4 desks!
  • Many accessories like cup holder, card organizers, campaign screens and more are at your fingertips with the Table of Ultimate Gaming.
  • 4.6 tables can be combined with tables of the same size or with 2.4 tables to make a Table of Epic Proportions!

Included in set:

  • Dining-height legs
  • 2 AC power and 2 USB 2.0 outlets in two locations so 4 of each outlet. 
  • Add Chairs and Decoration kits too!
  • Optional decoration packages shown below

Table dimensions:



Many accessories available


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