4'x6' GameChanger Series - Standard Table Height






GameChanger Tables will ship in April 2019!

The GameChanger tables appeal to the gamer looking for a more simple, elegant design but who still want maximum value - and who does not want to sacrifice the playability offered by amazing accessories. Created from imagination, designed on computers and finished by hand, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is your gateway to a thousand adventures.

If you need more room to roam on your adventures or to add more players at the table, the GameChanger Series 4.6 model is your table. Designed for larger play groups as well as other large format games, this is the table you want if you need extra space.

Note: The table DOES NOT come with a mat. If you would like a mat, you must order it separately.

    Included in set:

    • 4'x6' Table play surface
    • 29" high dining-height legs                                                                             


    Table dimensions: