Our Storage Stacks are only limited by your imagination. Use them to safely store miniatures, beads and findings, dice, Legos, or anything else you need organized and at hand.  The lids allow you to transport your treasures safely, or you can keep them in the Stack Rack as a drawer with the lid stored neatly underneath. Our Storage Stacks fit perfectly into our Stack Racks for storage and transport. Short Storage Stacks are 1.75" tall, 14" wide and 14" deep. Tall Storage Stacks are 3.75" tall, 14" wide and 14" deep.  ...
Our clever Stack Racks are the perfect way to store and transport your Storage Stacks! Move your miniatures from your painting desk to your game table in seconds. Because the shelves are held in place with metal pins, Stack Racks can be customized and configured your needs by adding as many Storage Stacks as you need. Seven slots are available for configuration. A Tall Storage Stack takes up two slots, while a Short Storage Stack takes two.  Combinations include:  2 Tall Storage Stacks and 3 Short Storage Stacks  (pictured) 3 Tall Storage Stacks and 1 Short Storage Stack  1 Tall Storage Stack and 5 Short Storage Stacks  or use any slot as a shelf!  Our Stack Rack is 16" wide, 21" deep, and 26" high.  ...