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The Differences..

  • The Elite Series is a higher end table yet the fantastic Game Changer Table which still has many of the same accessories. Here are the main difference : There is less wood in the Game Changer so it is lighter and less expensive to build and ship. It uses the same kind of super hard birch wood. It shares nearly all the same accessories such as full top covers and cupholders and such. The top dining covers store inside the table and pull out as desks in the Elite, they do not store inside the Game Changer. There is not built in power in the Game Changer but power pods are available as easy add ons. (The Elite Coffee table does not have built in power) The Elite Series can use a innovate magnetic decoration system to add flair to your table. The Game Changer does not have this feature. The Elite series offers a quick change depth adjustment for the play surface. Using cams you can raise and lower the play depth very fast. The Game Changer uses one play depth. The Elite is a commercial build and great for home or shops or cafes. The Game Changer series is best suited for home use but it will last a lifetime.

Game Changer Introduction

Elite Series Introduction

Our Most Popular Ultimate Game Tables

3.5'x5' Game Changer Game/Dining

Our Most Popular Accessories

Chairs and Chair Decoration

Game Table Accessories

Each set has 8 leg decorations, 8 table corner decorations and 2 long side feature decorations.

Every Elite table comes standard with matching wood cover plates which hide the secret attachment points

Switch out your incognito covers for amazing decorations for game night or change themes on a whim!

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