Station of Creation

Introducing The Station of Creation!
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You're A Maker, Creator, Painter, Builder, Modeler, Sculptor, Crafter, Jeweler, Tailor, Fly Fisher, Leather Worker, Streamer, Gamer, Decorator, Quilter, Paper Crafter, Scrapbooker, Tinkerer, Inventor, Restorer, Lego Builder, or Wood Worker.
... what will you create?


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Estimated To Begin Shipping in February 2020

Some Details May Change, Be Updated and Improved

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Modular Design

Reconfigure As Needed

An Engine Of Creativity

Power & USB Charging Ports

Level Up Your Craft

How To Build Your Station of Creation

Choose 1 Or More Desks

Start with one base desk unit or add a second or third with corner units. Each desk unit is 47" wide. You can also add a corner unit to a single desk to extend your workspace to 76"

Add Lower And Upper Units

Each desk can accept three upper storage units (shown in GREEN 1,2,3) and three lower units (shown in BLUE 1, 2, 3. You can stack MORE than one lower unit one top of each other to have two lower units like a tower if you wish, and top it off with the upper units, again if you wish.

Add Mats, Stacks, Racks!

A variety of mats are available. Choose from work mats and computer mouse pad mats. Also there is a clear protective top mat that will cover over all of that surface to protect during your most messy moments.

Also check out our storage solution. Each wood case can hold up to three large drawers or 6 small drawers. Or two large and three small for instance.