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The Elite Series - Intelligent design and community feedback have created not just a game table, but a gaming system that adapts to your needs and style of play. Created from imagination, designed on computers and finished by hand, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is your gateway to a thousand adventures. This table is larger than 3'x5'. It is a generous 3.5' wide by 5' long.

Note: The table DOES NOT come with a mat. If you would like a mat, you must order it separately.

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  • Each table features an adjustable height play surface. Choose a shallow depth play surface of 1.5" or a deep play surface of 3.5".  
  • Purchase custom-fit play mats to add a soft gaming surface.
  • You can also purchase additional legs to add two other table heights.
  • Add modular decorations that switch out in an instant.
  • Add full table covers which store inside table and become 4 desks!
  • Many accessories like cup holder, card organizers, campaign screens and more are at your fingertips with the Table of Ultimate Gaming.
  • 3.5 tables can be combined with tables of the same size to make a Table of Epic Proportions!

Included in set:

  • Table play surface
  • 29" high dining-height legs.
  • AC power and USB 2.0  outlets in two locations. 

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Table dimensions:

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