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If you don't have room for a full size table, or you just want and amazing place to hang out with friend, the Elite Series 2.4 Coffee Table of Ultimate Gaming is your table. Designed with all the features and benefits of the larger models, this compact play system fits in any space of your home. Also doubles as an amazing family play space for Legos or other adventures for the young ones in the family.

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Note: The table DOES NOT come with a mat. If you would like a mat, you must order it separately.

  • Each table features an adjustable height play surface. Choose a shallow depth play surface of 1.5" or a deep play surface of 3.5".  
  • You can also purchase additional legs to add two other table heights.
  • Purchase custom-fit play mats to add a soft gaming surface.
  • Add modular decorations that switch out in an instant.
  • Add full table covers which store inside table and become two desks!
  • Many accessories like cup holder, card organizers, campaign screens and more are at your fingertips with the Table of Ultimate Gaming.
  • 2.4 tables can be combined with tables of the same size or with 4.6 tables to make a Table of Epic Proportions!

    Included in set:

    • Table play surface
    • Coffee-height legs. 
    • AC power and USB 2.0 outlets in two locations. 


    Uses patent pending attachment system for optional decoration

    Add accessories

    Table dimensions:

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