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This is the model - Warhammer Special Edition Series from the Table of Ultimate Gaming - featuring a full play surface. This bundle includes a standard height special edition Warhammer  table, full Warhammer decoration set, exclusive digitally printed play mat and a full set of hanging decoration!

Designed for years of use and perfectly suited for smaller Warhammer games, this is the table you want if you need to conserve space but still have lots of real estate. . It shares all the features with the standard Elite Series tables plus exclusive Warhammer style!


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  • Each table features an adjustable height play surface. Choose a shallow depth play surface of 1.5" or a deep play surface of 3.5".
  • You can also purchase additional legs to convert to tall/counter table height.
  • Add modular decorations that switch out in an instant.
  • Add full table covers which store inside the table and become 4 desks!
  • Many accessories like cup holder, card organizers, campaign screens and more are at your fingertips with the Table of Ultimate Gaming.
  • This Warhammer table can be combined with tables of the same size to make a Table of Epic Proportions!

    Included in the bundle:

    • 29" high dining-height legs
    • Exclusive digitally printed play mat - high-quality rubber backed play mat is easy to change out!
    • Warhammer deco set including 18 multi-layer decoration panels which connect via strong magnets. You can add other decoration sets to your table too!
    • Includes full set of Warhammer 40,000 hanging decorations which you can attach to your table anywhere you like. 

    Digitally Printed Mat:


    Ultramarine Decoration Set: - included 18 sections. Including 8 corners, 8 legs and 2 side decoration sections. Plus includes four hanging which you can attach where ever you would like!



    Seals set of 6:

    Uses patent pending attachment system



    Check out table dimensions here!

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