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Behold Legions of Gamers, The Table of Ultimate Gaming Elite Series Has Arrived! Tables Start at $499

4.6 Model - Elite Series

Think big with our 4'x6' Elite Series gaming experience. Need more space for some seriously epic play? Got large format games such as Warhammer and X-WIng? We have the table for you! Measuring a full 4'x6' inside play space dimensions, this table will support any game play. The 4.6 tables can be joined together or with 2.4 tables to enlarge and customize your gaming area. Learn more here 

3.5 Model - Elite Series

Our 3.5' Elite Series table is the perfect game table. It is actually about 3 and a half feet wide by 5 feet long, so there is extra space for every adventure. Click any table to explore all the amazing features and accessories. Our 3.5 tables can be joined in multiple formations to create enormous gaming spaces. Learn more here.

2.4 Model - Elite Series

Perfect for serious gamers with limited space, our 2'x4' Elite Series coffee table is an apartment-dweller's dream or the perfect place for gaming in the living room. Even add one to the kids' area and let the Lego building begin! By adding an order of standard legs this table can be joined with a 4.6 table to create a 4'x8' gaming space. Learn more here 

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"The Table of Ultimate Gaming is the most versatile and flexible gaming surface I’ve ever seen. Considering how expensive gaming tables can be, this is a truly affordable option with incredible design features and customization options."  - GeekDad


"The Table of Ultimate Gaming is a great, affordable option for gamers to get a sweet gaming table without breaking the bank. Lots of options to customize will make each table feel unique, and create the personal touch to your gaming experience…If you're in the market for a table, this could be just what you're looking for!" - Theology of Games


"Does the Table of Ultimate Gaming hold up under review? I would argue that it does absolutely, especially when you keep in mind a lot of common sense features that have been included in its design. In between the wooden covers, the AC and USB power outlets and the custom ornaments you get a very good table in its own right that also just so happens to be the perfect table-top gaming piece of furniture." - Lil Deal


"With the full suite of add-ons, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is still less expensive than many custom gaming tables with fewer features…the Table of Ultimate Gaming is really cool for what it is (and has only ever promised to be) — a table to support gaming." - Mashable

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