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We create and deliver amazing gaming table systems, with unmatched features, at a price you can afford. Tables packages start at  including power and exclusive core features.

Created from imagination, designed on computers and finished by hand, the Table of Ultimate Gaming is your gateway to a thousand worlds.

The highest quality materials such as European birch and water based paints, matched with ground breaking designs, ensure fun and enjoyment with your friends for years to come.

A new day has dawned. No longer must you compromise. Only the Table of Ultimate Gaming delivers what you desire, at a price you can afford.

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Play.. Your Way

Intelligent design and community feedback have created not just a game table, but a gaming system that adapts to your needs and style of play.

- Select from three table sizes. We offer 2'x4' ,3'x5' or 4'x6' gaming surfaces.

- Next select from a variety of colors and finishes. Natural birch, Dark Stained Wood, and Pitch Black are your first choices.

- Now pick out your modular deco to customize your look. Dragons? Skulls? Celtic Knots? And you can change it up in the future also. Pick out a second design theme and change the table when you change your game. We also offer custom designs just for you, including personalization.

- Choose from three table heights, coffee - standard and tall.

- Finally, choose from a wide variety of play enhancing accessories. Cupholders, dice towers, DM screens, Hellbox towers of storage, card organizers, full table covers and pull out desk features are all available to you. 

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A Flexible System You Will Not Outgrow

Need even more flexibility? Have a gaming store or club that needs more sq footage of play space? No problem.

Our tables are modular so you can combine them together to create the size and shape that you desire. 

The opportunity does not end when you buy your first table from us. It only begins.

Unmatched modularity and flexibility guarantee you will never outgrow this rare gaming system.

Create the layout of your dreams. Our tables can contain and manage any world you can dream up. 

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Unmatched features - Nothing compares to a Table of Ultimate Gaming

  • Modular Decorations

     Pick any of our decoration packages with the confidence of know you can change out any design in just seconds. Dragons today and Skulls tomorrow. You control it all. 

  • Height Adjustable Surface - Standard

    You can set up the table for either shallow card and game play or deep dungeon crawls and space invasions. Each table offers both a shallow 1.5" drop from edge and a 3.5" drop.

  • AC and USB power- Standard

    Charge your phone, run your laptop, add drama with bluetooth speaker soundtracks. Power any accessory you can dream of from LED lights to streaming cameras. 

  • Amazing Accessories

    Outfit your table to suit your needs and change it up as your playstyle changes. Choose from cup holders, dice trays, DM screens, dice towers, playing card holders and our amazing Hellbox storage towers

  • Let's Eat, Study or Play

    We offer optional full table covers which convert your game table into a full traditional table. Dinner, homework, or another just as another way to play - the full covers have you... covered :)   They can be put in place in seconds to protect an ongoing game as well. 

  • Sustainable Materials

    We only use the finest European birch wood plywoods in the majority of our tables. These birch trees grow in the Northern latitudes which allow a very tight and strong grain pattern due to the short growing seasons in those colder climates.

  • Table Tops Store Inside and Become Desks

    If you choose the optional full table covers, they will store in slots under the table. No need to hide them in the closet on game night. This also allows you to slide them out partially to be used as desk surfaces while gaming. This protected design elements sets us apart.

  • Two Table Sizes: 3x5 and 4x6

    We offer tables with 3'x5' and 4'x6' play surfaces. The tables have a 4.5" rail that surrounds the play surface. This allows you to choose the right table size for your play. All decoration and accessories are compatible with both tables. All tables can be joined with other tables within their table size family. 3x5 join to 3x5 and 4x6 to 4x6 tables.


What size table systems are available?

We will offer two size tables to start with. The first has a 3'x5' playing surface and measures 3'9"x5'9" overall. The second has a 4'x6' playing surface and is 4'9"x6'9" overall. Height is table height. Both sizes are fully modular so you can buy more than one table and create many larger table shapes and designs.

Some small special parts may be required for certain ambitions table combinations. Please check with us if you have certain configuration needs for joining multiple tables so we can take care of you.

In the near future options will be available to convert to bar height or coffee table height. 

What tables and decoration colors are available?

We are offering three colors to start. Natural finish birch wood, Dark Walnut and Pitch Black. All many deco themes are available in all many colors to ensure a match for your table. The deco themes are Dragon, Castle, Celtic, Meeples, Cthulhu, Steampunk and Skulls. 

Tell me about the construction.

All of our products are designed on computers and cut by robotic CNC. Then the parts are hand finished. They are designed to ship flat-pack to you for affordability. Assembly is required and we strive to keep that as simple as possible. Many things are pre-assembled for you. The primary material we use is renewable, very dense European birch plywood. The short growing season of our birch trees ensures a very dense and hard grain. Perfect for long life and a quality experience for you and your friends. We use natural finishes and water based paints. The playmats are custom made and similar to a mouse pad. They can be removed if desired to reveal a beautiful solid surface beneath. 

Who is behind the Table of Ultimate Gaming?

Patrick Meyer and Jamie MacBain have many decades of experience deliving collectibles, toys and major consumer products to markets around the world. Now they turn their attention to their passion for gaming in order to deliver what they feel is the ultimate combination of design and value in gaming tables and accessories.

Is this furniture?

Yes and no. Let us say up front that if you mainly want an expensive custom dining room table that is also a gaming table, there are excellent choices for $2,000-$10,000 and beyond. They look fantastic but we can't personally afford them. So there is that..

It is important to understand that we began this brand with the intention of delivering dedicated gaming systems that support board, card and figural game play. We design everything with that clear intention. What is best for the gamer. Not what is best for holiday dinner.

That said, we do have very nice options such as a full cover to create a complete tabletop. This can be an asset for different game styles, to cover and protect an ongoing game (from adventurous toddlers) or to allow an enjoyable break or dinner. We have no interest or desire to be in the furniture industry as it relates to gaming. We are building modular gaming systems and gaming accessories to support your imagination and game play. Often they look like tables...we admit that. :)

Will you offer chairs?

Yes, we will offer chairs soon to match your tables.

Do all tables include power?

Yes. Each table has a power station on each end. Two AC and two USB chargers are available on each table. There is currently no option to order without.

Will you have more photos and videos to show soon?

Photoshoot and videos are being done right now. In a few weeks we will have much to share. Well before the Kickstarter on Aug 24th

Will you be at Gen-Con 2017?

Yes and no. Patrick will likely attend Saturday and Sunday and would be happy to meet up. That said, even though we have several gracious offers to attend with our tables, the timing just did not work out on short notice. 

Who will manufacture the tables?

Simple. We are the manufacturer so no worries on production or delivery.

Is this just a crowdfunding campaign or will this be an ongoing enterprise?

Table of Ultimate Gaming is here to stay. We are already in the business of flat pack and CNC cut creations. We have been in these associated businesses for over 25 years. We are expanding into gaming because we personally love it. We are looking forward to creating an awesome community of gamers surrounding the Table of Ultimate Gaming products and brand at

Can I combine tables together to make larger tables?

Yes you can join tables side to side and end to end to create much larger tables.